Cost and Pricing

How we bill at AA Physiotherapists

As a medical practice in South Africa we follow the "fee for service" pricing model. This means that as physiotherapists we only charge for procedures and consultation performed. While we do our best to try and give every client an estimate of the average cost of a consultation, we are not able to tell you what the exact pricing will be till after the assessment. Below are some typical price averages for our most common conditions we see at our practice locations.

First consultation: Assessment and treatment for lower back, neck, knee or shoulder - R650

Follow up treatment and re-assessment: R450 - R550

First consultation: Assessment and treatment for post-operative rehabilitation or neurological rehabilitation: R750

Follow up consultation and re-assessment: R550 -R650 (1 hour) or R350 -R450 (35 minutes)

We do not charge any more than the medical aid rate. Please do keep in mind that while every effort is made on our part to be as knowledgable on the terms and conditions of your medical aid, it is impossible to keep up with each and every medical aid and all of the various options they have. 

Medical aids like Discovery Health have over 10 different options alone and there are well over 30 different medical aid funders. It is the responsibility of the patient or guardian of the patient to ensure that there are enough funds for our services.  We will however, do our best to guide you in interacting with your medical aid or funder should you require assistance. We encourage all of our clients to discuss all available options with their medical aid in order to make sure they spend as little out of pocket as possible. We are committed to helping your in this regard and will even make our phones available to you on site to make this happen.

Bottom line, we care about helping you!

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your medical aid:

Understand PMB

Read up on PMB conditions. Understanding what a PMB is will dramatically increase the utility of your medical aid. PMB stands for prescribed minimum benefits. This is a set of conditions that your medical aid by law must cover. Each medical aid goes about it differently, so understanding how your medical aid does it is of integral importance

Your medical aid actually an insurance

Your medical aid is fundamentally an insurance, so think of it like one. It is not an all covering package. This is why most medical aids have tiers. Lower tiers offer less cover than higher tiers. So when you select your medical aid be sure to read the brochure to see what they cover. It is not uncommon to find a medical aid will pay for a knee operation, but will not pay for the crutches you have to walk on after the operation. We have even seen instances where the medical aid will pay for the operation, hospital stay, medication, theatre time, but will not cover the anaesthetist to put to you to sleep.

Be mindful of medical aid savings

When checking your savings on your medical aid, be mindful that if you had seen another medical practitioner, that it could well be the case that the previous medical practitioner may not yet have billed for the service and therefore you have a false balance given by your medical aid. This would be like paying for an item on your bank card and the shop not processing the payment immediately, the only difference is the medical aid has no idea that you have been to see 2 medical practitioners and will simply give the funds to whoever bills first.

Fight for your medical right

Fight with your medical aid. Don't give up and simply roll over. Many medical aids will not let you know of all the options you have available to you and it is often the case that the call agent that you are on the line with is not very knowledgable of the option your are on. 

Know who administrates your medical aid

Be aware of when medical aids are sold between companies. If your medical aid is being administered by a new company, check that it has not affected your cover. Many members are unaware that their cover profile has changed while still paying the same premium. Stay alert.